As the weather starts to heat up and the rivers and streams start to recede from spring rains and run-off, many anglers begin to think about doing some serious Rainbow Trout fishing. There are very few things that I enjoy more than standing in the middle of flowing water, trying to entice a rainbow trout to bite. For me, this is probably the most enjoyable thing that I can do, with my clothes on of course. There are a few pointers that I’ve learned over the years that will increase your catch while rainbow trout fishing. All of these pointers are focused on fishing for rainbow trout in the flowing water of a river or stream, although with some slight modifications, they can be used to fish for rainbow trout in lakes as well.


  1. Watch Your Shadow – Pay attention to your shadow and where it’s being cast. Casting a shadow on the hole or run that you intend to fish is a sure fire way to get no bites. Make sure your not casting a shadow on the area your fishing or going to fish. This is especially true when fishing for rainbow trout. Fishing baits
  2. Present Your Live Bait Naturally – The more natural your bait looks the more trout you will catch. This is true with all live bait, but especially worms. This means that simply threading a worm onto a hook or creating what I like to call a “worm ball” just isn’t that effective. The best way to present live worms naturally is through the use of gang hooks. Gang hooks are fairly simple to tie yourself or you can purchase them, it makes no difference, what’s important is that you begin using them when fishing for rainbow trout. The bottom line is that you present your live bait in the most natural way possible.
  3. Be Efficient – When rainbow trout fishing you want to be as efficient as is possible. That is, you can’t catch any trout without your line in the water, so the more time that you can spend with your line in the water, the better. Employing things such as a bait bag is a great way to spend more time fishing, and less time baiting up. With a bait bag, your bait is hanging right there at your fingertips, which is incredibly efficient. Remember, you can’t catch anything without having your line in the water.
  4. Pay Attention To Your Hands – Many anglers don’t pay attention to the scents on their hands. Rainbow Trout have a very acute sense of smell and the smells on your hands transfer to your bait, whether that bait be live or a lure. If you smoke, for example, that stink transfers to your bait and has an effect on your catch rate. A good practice is to grab a handful of dirt or grass and rub it into your hands before fishing and anytime you’ve handled a foreign substance. This will help neutralize any “stink” that might be on your hands.


Begin employing any or all of these pointers and your rainbow trout fishing success will improve. Rainbow trout fishing is an incredibly enjoyable experience and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked! There’s no better way to spend a day than in nature attempting to catch some beautiful Rainbow Trout. And as I eluded to earlier, as soon as you hook and land an eighteen plus inch Rainbow, you’ll realize that rainbow trout fishing is as much fun as you can have while wearing clothes!


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