What is sleep apnea? Of course, that is the scientific term and it is less likely that you can understand that. In common words that you can understand, it is the disorder in which you stop breathing in your sleep. This happen frequently and duration can last up to 10 seconds. Sometimes, this can lead to serious injuries from strokes or possibly even death. Best CPAP Mask For Side SleepersĀ 

This disorder is most likely caused by disorderly lifestyles. If you drink a lot, cut it out. If you smoke a lot, cut it out. If you are constantly fatigued from work, take a break. There are more reasons for it but it generally deals with stress. It will cause your blood pressure to go up and may make you feel tired all the time.

Sleep apnea really is serious. If you really want to find a permanent solution, then you must have some sort of surgery done. If it is not critical, then perhaps the better option will be to go for sleep machines.

All sleep machines have the same functions. There are two types of sleep machines out there, the CPAP machines and the BiPAP machines. The former is a type of machine that hooks up to your face and a machine that pumps air through the mask into your lungs directly.

The latter works almost the same way, but with some variations. CPAP machines are more recommended if you only have a minor or mild sleep disorder.

If you have a mild case, these one-way machines will help you inhale. It is very efficient and not really that expensive. It is very portable which means that you can travel with it.

However, if you are those who are diagnosed with another disorder to do with your heart, then you must use the BiPAP machine. This machine works both ways and will help you maintain pressure while inhaling and exhaling.

If a person stops breathing, the BiPAP machine will force air in to establish some sort of breathing. It is also more comfortable than other masks, because it is pressurized. There is yet another form of breathing machine called the ACAP machine that can automatically adjust pressure.

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